thank yous!

To the amazing artists: Adetola Abatan, Sam Cremer, Xavier Kelley, and Ruth Zekariase.

To SBC! Thank you SO MUCH for your time, care, and generosity with this space: John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler

To Mini Mart City Park board and community, for all your work and support, including Jordan Monez and your amazing marketing work, thank!

To incredible Lucia Rosenast — thank you for your care, installation, and work!

To Georgia Erger — thank you jumping right in and helping with install and everything else!

To Zack Elway — thank you always!

To Dawna Holloway — thank you for connecting me and all your care and kindness!

To Sara Ann Davidson — thank you for your work and care of the Georgetown community!

To friends, family, and community — thank you for your endless support!